Press Release

For six weeks an exhibit of famous and not-so-famous portraits taken by Gordon Parks was open to the public at The Gallery at Hermès in New York City. More than 300 guests attended the opening. Although Parks had never exhibited these images as a group during his lifetime, he once said: “The moments I spent making these portraits always flow back with the warmest of memories. They are people who I have admired and felt at ease with. And in most cases, I attempted to intertwine their personalities and their professions.”

Gordon Parks "Portraits" curated by Peter Kunhardt Jr.
The Gallery
Robert Chavez, Peter Kunhardt Jr., and Frederic de Narp
Carmen Dell'Orefice
Geoffrey Holder and friends
Peter Kunhardt, András Szántó, and Peter Kunhardt Jr.
Curt and Cissy Viebranz, Peter Kunhardt Jr., and Charles Whittingham
Evan Kingsely, Dyllan McGee, and Jed Root
Cissy and Curt Viebranz and friend
Sallie Stern, ?, and Eddie Stern
Bernice Kwok and Lynn Yaeger
Diana Revson, Frédéric de Narp, and Julie Sandorf
Carmen dell'Orefice, Katharine Kunhardt, Peter Kunhardt Jr., Sallie and Eddie Stern
Priscilla Rattazzi
?, Tangie Murray, and Susan Anthony
Carmen dell'Orefice and Robert Chavez
Brenda Cullerton and Richard DeLigter
Charles Diker, Ruth Woolard, and Charles Revson
Nejma Beard, Zara Beard, and Peter Kunhardt Jr.
Anki and Doug Leeds with Bill Hardy
Zoe Haydock and Peter Kunhardt Jr.
Valerie Thakray, Tony Maddelana, and friend
Peter Kunhardt Jr., Heidi Leiser and friends
Margie and Philip Kunhardt III
Lynn Yaeger and Robert Chavez
Carmen dell'Orefice, Marjorie Reed Gordon, and Geoffrey Holder
Henrik and Louise Vanderlip
Dyllan McGee, Peter Kunhardt Jr., and Diana Revson
Peter Kunhardt and Teddy Kunhardt
Dyllan McGee and Peter Kunhardt Jr.
Teddy Kunhardt, Geoffrey Holder, and Peter Kunhardt Jr.